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This causes the magnetic field to collapse around the coil. Packaging Type: As per our client's requirement. Set the air gap.

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When checking coil resistance, move the connector wires and see if the resistance changes. 5 out of 5 stars:. Biggest tip - make sure you put the distributor drive gear back on the way it was located - dimple below the gear pin hole aligns with the notch at the other end (rotor end) of the distributor shaft.

99. The distributor pickup coil determines the firing order of the engine.

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Sep 6, 2013 · How to Test the High Energy Ignition Distributor Pickup Coil.

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3. HiSport Distributor Ignition Pickup - 56028143 Compatible with DODGE B1500 B2500 B3500 DAKOTA DURANGO RAM 1500/2500 PICKUP RAM 1500 VAN RAM 4000 / JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Replaces LX753T LX753 4P1254. . com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. "ignition control module"), which then processes the signal to make the main coil fire the spark plugs at the correct time.

They are located inside the distributor and function as the trigger for the ignition system to produce spark.

. Wells Vehicle Electronics distributor pick-up coils are manufactured to meet or exceed OE fit, form and function.

Also,while you are in there remove the ignition module and have it tested,to make sure it.

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When it fails, the engine is not gonna' start.

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